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Black Dog Learning LLC - eLearning Development Experience
eLearning Development

Black Dog Learning LLC partners with you to help you meet your organization's training goals and obligations. We offer a variety of design and development services that will meet your needs and is kind to your budget.
- Design and development of custom online learning courses with state-of-the-art authoring tools.

- Conversion of elearning courses to updated formats required by Learning Management Systems (LMS)

- eLearning courses designed to meet federal standards for assisted learning including 508 compliance.

- Creation of custom graphic treatments, HTML5 animation, interactive videos, presentations and multimedia content to bring your training to life!!

- Did we mention we are cost effective?
Black Dog Learning LLC - Serious eLearning Manifesto Signatory
Instructional Design

For 29 years we have designed for a variety of learning environments including: instructor-led classroom training, independent study, video training, learning labs, mock-ups, team training, elearning, simulations and scenarios.
We implement design models (processes) that works well for the targeted learning environment, including forms of the ADDIE process, the Successive Approximation Method and the principles outlined in David Merrill’s First Principles of Instruction.

We incorporate a proven Instructional Design Strategy which helps in streamlining the development of subject content.

We develop prototypes early and often to ensure that we and our clients are all on the same page! Prototypes are perfect for ensuring that interactions and media elements function correctly.
Black Dog Learning LLC - Gamification and Serious Games Experience
Gamification/Serious Games

A careful combination of game design and game mechanics along with sound instructional design can result in engaging and effective learning experiences.

For example, if you want to engage new employees during their onboarding training sessions, consider incorporating gamification elements that help create a positive environment for learning.

If critical thinking and decision making is the goal then Serious Games, incorporating scenarios and simulated exercises, create highly effective learning environments that increase learner retention and positive behavior outcomes.

Interested in how gamification or Serious Games can be a positive behavioral influence in your organization?
Development Software
Trivantis Lectora (508 Compliance)
Articulate Storyline
Adobe Captivate
Construct 3 & Clickteam Fusion
Opus Pro
We are invested in well-known and supported elearning development tools including Trivantis Lectora, Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate. Specialized development tools such as Construct 3, Clickteam Fusion and Opus Pro are used to develop light-weight HTML5 learning interactions, learning games and interactive videos.
Course Development
Custom eLearning Courses
Interactive Activities
Scenarios and Simulations
Mobile and Responsive eLearning
Game-based Learning
When it comes to training, there are several feature-rich methods available that promote efficient, effective and engaging learning opportunities for your employees or customers. Our design and development approach help our clients deliver a variety of learning topics from on-boarding to problem solving and decision making.


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