Examples of elearning courses, prototypes and games.

Welcome to our elearning portfolio and demonstration page. Here you will find examples of elearning courses and a few experimental games developed in Captivate, Lectora, and Articulate Storyline.

While a few of these courses were developed while working on my graduate degree in Instructional Design at the University of North Dakota, others are demonstration projects designed to show the capability of the authoring development software. Please feel free to click on the links below to launch and view the titles. These titles are published as HTML, HTML5 and Flash and are compatible with a variety of browsers and mobile devices such as the iPad and other tablet devices.

Just a few things before you start.

  • It's best to Turn OFF Popup Blockers in your browser or allow Popups for the website.
  • Enable your audio, as several of the courses have audio components.

Have Fun and Enjoy!



This is the 3rd Generation of the Fishing Game. In keeping with past iterations of the game’s development, I developed the game in an authoring tool capable of publishing SCORM-based e-learning. Probably not as well-known as Adobe Captivate, Lectora or Articulate Storyline, I’ve found that the multimedia/e-learning software, Opus Pro, has a fair amount of horsepower under the hood and has a capacity for developing some very interactive content. And of course, the point of developing the game is to determine what level of interactivity can be developed within the tool with a reasonable amount of effort. I believe mere mortals should be able to develop interactive, interesting and engaging e-learning content!

As someone who likes a powerful authoring tool, I was pleased to find several programming constructs such as case statements, loops, timers, consecutive and simultaneous actions groups as well as a rich selection of triggers and actions. All available without having to write script, although that capability is available as well.

So, what’s different about this new version of the game?

It contains all of the attributes found in the Storyline version of the game, plus:

  • Contextual messaging based on conditions
  • Random fish placement at game start-up (I withdrew this for the time being due to some browser issues)
  • Random casting result; each cast into the lake will generate a random number that determines if the player loses a hook due to underwater obstacles
  • Statistics board that reports out a player’s results such as the number of casts made, hooks lost, and number and type of fish caught.
  • Improved quality and synchronization of some of the audio and graphical elements

What’s missing?

Mainly the Flash version of the game. Although Opus Pro can publish Flash content, I opted for the HTML5 development and publishing option.

Game links:

Of course the Google Chrome, IE11 and Edge browsers I tested with all handle HTML5 a bit differently. (I did not test in Firefox) Opus Pro provides four methods for publishing HTML5 and through a battery of testing I found two methods that appeared to work the best. Not quite perfect, but the game should play reasonably well. Below you will find two links; one for Google Chrome and another for IE11 and Edge.

Game Link - Google Chrome

Game Link - IE11 and Edge

A newer version of the Fishing Game, this one was developed in Articulate Storyline. The game demonstrates the use of Storyline's higher level capabilities such as variables, conditions, triggers, states, layers, image filters and attributes. The game is tightly packed into a three screen activity! Give it a try and you will get a feel for the level of learning activities and interactions that can be developed with Storyline.

UPDATE: The Articulate Storyline Fishing Game has been updated (10.22.2014) due to some great feedback from users. Thank you!

This version introduces twice the number of fish in the pond, new "nibble" areas that provide hints that you are close to catching that elusive fish, a catch and release routine, catch limit, improved logic and bug fixes. Give it a try and catch some fish!!

Flash version: Articulate Storyline Fishing Game

Try the Articulate Storyline Fishing Game on your mobile device with HTML5: Storyline HTML5 Mobile Fishing Game

NOTE: If you are interested in discovering how this game was developed and would like the Storyline project files for this activity, just contact use via our Contact page or our Service Request form and include your email address. I will provide you with a download link.

The Case Study elearning title is a short demonstration of branching/navigation techniques using a menu along with a short presentation utilizing an audio narrative sequenced with bulleted text items. The title is a subset of the total project and displays the introduction section of the first branch. Developed in Lectora Inspire. Click on Case Study to launch the e-learning title in a new window.

This Original Fishing Game was as assignment for a college course project in Instructional Design. The goal of the project was to design and develop a game-like title in a short period of time (a couple of days) using minimal authoring resources and using as few pages/screens as possible. The game topic provided was fishing and the "game-style' was open to the developer.

The game project consists of four Lectora screens with the majority of the game actions occurring on a single page. Developed in Lectora in 2009, the game uses several invisible buttons, variables and actions to deliver the game play.

The basis of the game is simple. You point and click your mouse cursor on the lake graphic to cast your fishing line. There are 3 fish to catch and you have a total of five hooks to catch them. If you are successful, you eat. If you fail, you go hungry. Hints are available!! Give it a try by clicking on the Lectora Fishing Game link.

The Question Types elearning title demonstrates some of the standard question and interactions native to the Lectora authoring tool as well as custom questions designed using a combination of graphics, variables and actions. This elearning title was developed in Lectora Inspire version 9. Prepare to answer some questions and launch Question Types.

Over seven years old now, the Computer Hard Drive elearning course was a final Instructional Design college course project that provided sequenced instruction for the addition of a second hard drive to a computer. The initial development of the course began in Articulate Presenter and Engage. However, because the project design required sophisticated interface graphics for the User Interface, video, programming variables, actions and custom learning interactions, the decision was made to develop the project in Lectora Inspire instead. Drag-and-Drop learning interactions were developed in Adobe Flash.

The use of Lectora variables and actions along with Flash drag-and-drop learning interactions produced some pretty interesting branching methods and student activities. This elearning course sports a "hard drive" looking interface, an early "pie-style" menu system and custom Lectora-based image controls to display the display images. Check out Computer Hard Drive!